ourstoryAt Barefoot & Chocolate we savor the simple pleasures of life: jumping in the lake on a hot summer day, bliss inducing yoga, sharing laughs with dear friends over good food and CHOCOLATE! We craved a knock-your-socks off, finger-licking good, chocolate spread – you know, the kind you eat straight from the jar (it’s ok we won’t tell anyone) minus the preservatives, artificial ingredients and …well, the gunk that can’t be pronounced by sober, well-meaning earthlings. So off we went, blender and spatula in tow to create a prototype.

Here we were, parents of a then 18 month old, with serious jobs during the day and silly mad scientists tinkering in our kitchens at night. It took more than a few try’s and lots of midnight sniffing and tasting of various types of cocoa (woe is us!) to get it to just how we like it – not too sweet, creamy, nutty, chocolatey goodness. We are excited to be able to finally share the results of our culinary adventures with our fellow citizens.

We hope you will enjoy it and share it with friends (imaginary and real), foes, creepy guy at the water cooler, cute girl across the street you make eyes at, your grandmother, heck even the friendly garden gnome if it pleases you. We have heard tasters refer to it as “divine”, “beautiful” and “heaven dipped in chocolate”, but don’t just take our word for it – we may be a tad biased. Go on now — dig in!



The Founders


sashaBorn and Raised in Bombay, India, Sasha packed up and moved to the United States at the “wise” age of 17 to attend college, but mostly looking for an adventure of a lifetime. Being the first in her family to leave the familiar shores of home; she had no clue as to what lay ahead, but her parents took a giant leap of faith and went along with the madness (Thank You Mom and Dad!).

A decade plus which included: graduating from college, getting her first ever job, a long career in finance, close friendships with the most interesting people from the world over (America to Iceland to Bulgaria to Senegal to Ecuador to Burma), many travels near and far, a colorful Indian wedding to her All-American husband Trent, motherhood – the adventure still continues….. A childhood allergy to artificial food coloring which meant a lot of missed birthday parties and sleepless nights for mum; has long influenced her pursuit for food made with clean ingredients.

Summers spent in her ancestral village in southern India watching farmers hard at work trying to make an honest living, made Fair Trade a no-brainer when it came to creating products under the Barefoot & Chocolate banner. Like most events in her life, the fact that the Fair Trade & Organic sugar used in Barefoot & Chocolate products comes from Karnataka, India (same place she spent her summers growing up) seems hardly co-incidental – more like coming full circle. Her guiding mantra in life is: Keep Calm and Carry Chocolate. She loves chocolate. Always has. Always will. A trip down the confections aisle in the local grocery store is must-do in any of her overseas travels. She credits chocolate (and BFC spreads!) with helping her keep her sanity while she juggles being mommy to her two tots Hayden and Arya, a full-time job, running a business and doing all the other things that life brings that do not fit neatly into any one category.


trentIn life sometimes you can’t outrun your passions; your true calling. If you never let go of what you love, in time those things will come full circle. This is certainly true for Trent. He spent many of his younger years following his passions: cooking, playing music, and being outdoors. When he didn’t have a guitar strapped over his shoulder, he was working on specials for a Friday night at the restaurant or buried 20 tickets deep during a rush – madly cooking and plating dishes to keep the customers happy. In his free time he tried to be outdoors: hiking, camping, fly fishing, skiing, mountain biking, or simply enjoying the view from the top of a mountain. After graduating from Colorado State University and spending two years as a full time chef, he grew to understand the value of earning a decent wage.

He moved back to his native state of Connecticut and began a career in investment banking. 14 years passed. Life was good and much was learned, but his journey was about to take a different turn. Along the way, he found a creative and adventurous companion in his wife Sasha, who shared his passion for travel, great food, and gourmet chocolate in particular. Together they travelled to Paris, took in the sights and had the best hot chocolate and pastries; they went to Italy, explored the beautiful Tuscan countryside and enjoyed the incredible wine, cheese and Gianduja; they travelled to Switzerland where they enjoyed the delicious beer, bratwurst and of course delicious Swiss chocolates. They went to her native India and he reveled in its colorful culture, delicious curries, incredible sights and bright people – there was chocolate there too.

There were a few other stops along the way. Everywhere there was chocolate. Trent believes that good food is essential to a happy life. He still plays in a band, runs in the woods, makes wine in the basement, skis the steeps, and rides his bike with his son whenever he can, but now his days are filled with running a chocolate company. He is back in the food business. Full circle. You don’t always have to stop to smell the roses; sometimes you can just slow down and eat the chocolate and smile – yes, smiling is good.

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